Practice Philosophy

Our practice goals are to provide you with the best cosmetic results, the most durable dentistry available and to save you money in the process.

Here’s how:

Much of today’s Cosmetic Dentistry takes a cookie-cutter approach by using expensive porcelain restorations. These techniques require needless mutilation of healthy tooth structure in preparation for crowns and veneers. While such artificial facings create a beautiful smile at initial placement, fractures, gum recession or fading can render this type of dentistry unsightly after just a few years.

In our office we prefer to whiten, brighten and enhance your smile while maintaining as much of your own natural tooth enamel as possible. The catch words in our office are longevity, conservation and economy.

Anytime you select natural tooth enamel over porcelain, you save money, reduce sensitivity and are assured the most durable result possible – one that will likely last a lifetime.

Why Patients Choose Us


The basis for the profound patient loyalty we enjoy is an appreciation for our primary treatment goal:

Dentistry that lasts forever!

We know you want to get the most for your dental dollars and you’ll soon experience the dentistry we provide is built to last.

We are fortunate to provide this view for our patients. We are located on the 20th floor of the 450 Sutter Building in downtown San Francisco.